DENIM OVERALL: My longtime crush

Finally  people!!  Have finally found my long time crush “overall” been looking for that perfect one for so long. It’s either they are too tight or too short. God on my side that faithful day, I found  it in the right size and shape. 
Just because it’s overall alot of people do associate it with workshop uniform for the engineers and construction workers, so I wanted to go to a construction site or a mechanic shop for the photo shoot, but sadly I couldn’t get anyone close by   *sadface*. And then the thought of a train station came in and I went for it. 
Taking it back to when horses and trains were the carriage system, the pictures take my mind back to the movies we watch in those days that entails cowboys, horses, guns and trains.Well I have the cowboy look and the trains. Couldn’t  find any horses around and the guns were not close by also.
Thanks to my Gee (“abdul” and assistant photographer “Iko”) for helping me out with this one. The journey there was fun and adventurous. When next I say I want a photoshoot under river Niger am sure they will be ready to go with me. *wink* #Theyareloyal.


denim overall

Overalls are back and they can be styled with almost anything from cardigans to floral tops to kimonos, to shirts to Tee shirts to blouses to Jackets and the list goes on, but remember you have to go with the one that suit you. Here is another way I styled it.


Which look do you prefer? 1 or 2?


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