You have heard a lot about swag, but having that Street style swag is a little bit different. You have to maintain all the same confidence and style that normal swagger would call for, but you’re also going to need to add a certain shine to your style. 
Don’t care what people think. You should know you look good and not care whether other people think you look fly or whack. Though you shouldn’t ignore other people’s criticism if it’s reasonable, you should be comfortable with doing your own thing, which will come out in your outfits. Dressing swag means not only having the right clothes, but also being comfortable with your body and having the right attitude. 
Have the right attitude! You can’t dress swag or fly without feeling swag or fly. Swag is a way of life, not just a style of fashion. Swag clothes can be a little out there or outright ridiculous, and to be able to pull them off, you have to act like everything you wear is cool and that your body looks great in your clothes. 
Love your style! You should know that you have a unique style that no one can duplicate. Even if you try to make your wardrobe more swag or fly, you will still have a unique style that is in you no matter what. Whenever you dress, your attitude should be, “I’m already awesome and I’m just adding to my rockin’ style.” 

According  to @stylebyada  ” scratch all that girly nonsense crazy is the new normal” Don’t ask for permission,  Just go for it! #STREETTITAKEOVER

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