Hi guys!! Today I’m going to be talking about my experience at the Blogger’s brunch which I attended at Abuja. Frankly speaking I was skeptical about attending the event because I didn’t want to be the only veiled girl around, which is often my #1 reason of missing out on event like this and excuse of not trying out new things. I often shamefully crawl back to my shell. Yea! I need a lecture on self-esteem!!

 However, after seeing  Baraka of comment on @thebloggerpointng page enquiring about the event, then I said to myself  “you ain’t  going to be the only veiled girl around” so give this a trial!


Fast forward to 26th , August, the event was scheduled for 12pm but the weather was not on our side that very day, it was raining heavily but I still managed to get out of the house because ain’t  gonna let the rain stop my shine. I got to the venue around 2pm or so. Guys!!This ain’t a joke Sueno Wellness Center have the best relaxation center in Abuja. The gate man was so nice with his welcome speech, it almost felt like I was been welcomed to Aso Rock. #noKidding.


The program started few minute after I stepped in with the “ice breaker game” where we got five minute to ask questions about each other and who ever remember most people name, blog name and what they blog about got to win something. It was an interesting one even though I couldn’t remember all their names. 


The highlight of the day for me was the “live blog post game”. We were grouped in three groups. Each group to come up with a live blog post instead of the normal writing and all, we get to act it. I was with Team brownie and of cos the winning team. Yea!!! We won the game and it didn’t even took us 20 minute to plan and we came out victorious.


The event came to an end after the question and answer segment which was an educative one. Learnt some tips on making this blog better. We all went home with a goody bag, which I can’t wait to try and share with you guys. 

I think i should make another post on bloggers I met at the event and link to their blog!
















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