I was in Lagos for a week, the first place I had to stop by just had to be the Modest Muslimah Beauty lounge. After seeing some of their post on IG which includes different beautiful henna design, I couldn’t just wait for another day to pass without visiting the lounge, and it was a day to EID, no better day to have my hands speaking with unique henna design.

Modest Muslimah Beauty lounge is a house for everything chic, stylish and fabulous, they offer services such as Hair treatment, Henna, traditional spa and also sell perfumes, room fragrant, gowns, basically everything modest and chic. Stepping into the lounge, the settings remains me of the north (the cute Arewa Art). Mostly where you will see ladies pampering them self, I mean the one week treatment they give them self before wedding, basically what they do is to stay indoor for one week, apply all sort of natural things on their body, which they call “kumkum” trust me you won’t even believe your eyes when you see them on the wedding day (if you know them before). 

Modest Muslimah Beauty lounge has made it easy for us, we don’t  need to wait till  wedding time before we get that glowing skin, another amazing thing about this place is that its WOMEN only, who need to bother about who is around before pulling of the hijab? It’s so comfortable that you will feel at home. Growing up I have a dream of  having a lounge like this and it was so nice to see that someone else was actually thinking of what was I was thinking (if this statement is even correct). During my chit chat with the founder, I get to know she graduated from my school FUT Minna and also my department 7years ago. No wonder we think alike *wink* #Greatminds

If you are in Lagos I advise you go check them out, it’s not just for the Muslim sister alone, Christians are also welcome. Good thing they are on the mainland, so you don’t need to worry about the whole stress you would have to go through if they were located on Island. Did I mention how nice the staffs are? Oh lord!! Their customer service was on 100!!! The whole Are you ok ma? Do you need anything ma? Do you care for a tea or cold drink Ma? Thank you for coming Ma? Well no statement comes out without a MA. They are located at no 84 at Yaya Abatan road Ogba Lagos. You can also follow them on IG @modestmuslimahlounge


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