What better way to chill out than having likeminds on same table with you, people who understand the struggle and ready to support you no matter how many years it takes you to publish a new blog post (well it doesn’t always take that long). 

Thanks to social media (Instagram), I have made a lot of blogger friends and it amazing to see sisters who know nothing about you but take their time to drop one or two comments once in a while. As a blogger we know how amazing and exciting it is to see that comment notification pop up, it’s more than credit alert sometimes (not when you are broke tho).

I hooked up with two amazing bloggers for “GIRLS DAY OUT”  IMAAN of  and SALMA of yea! this is not the first time that name is coming up on this blog, we had a collaboration last month HERE and well, that collaboration got us a feature on THEBLOGGERPOINT,you can check it out HERE
For our “GIRLS DAY OUT” We met at this beautiful and lovely restaurant SERENDIB at jabi Abuja, the restaurant is totally beautiful, perfect place for a day out/dinner with Bea and their food is totally delicious. I actually tried out a new food on that day. I’m going to leave the review of this place to SALMA and IMAAN So check out their blogs for details.

 For our outfits, we decided to go retro. Retro refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. I wore this sleeveless gown that look like that of the maid’s uniform back in the days and a vintage shirt beneath it, not forgetting my white sneakers that spiced up the whole look.

Imaan wore this gorgeous  and pretty floral flare dress, a white fringe jacket and a choker that took the outfit to a whole new level. Do check out her blog HERE

  SALMA wore a floral midi skirt and polka dot shirt. See how she perfectly mixed two prints??  And rocked a midi skirt without exposing to much skin by wearing a leggings?  she also complemented her look with a choker. check out her blog HERE

Shoutout to my friend BUKKZ for helping us out with the pictures.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Not sure if I can pull off this retro looks. People might be looking at me funny, lol. You all look like sisters. But are you saying I can only go to this restaurant with bae? What if there is no BAE for now? lol.

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