Leemlarh is back!!!

LEEMLARH is officially back. In the quest to have an official web site we went through some difficulties due to a little mistakes and it took the intervention of prayers and fasting to get it resolved (just kidding). let’s leave all that and concentrate on the good side. Finally! it took forever to get this up but Alhamdulillah, we are is how to wear khaki in style.

If you have been following the other blog, although I stopped posting there for a while but LARAH the LAR in LEEMLAR started this segment  on FEMININE EMPOWERMENT called NJAPF, an acronym for NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE which focused on different topics affecting the female gender like FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION,CHILD MARRIAGE, GIRL CHILD EDUCATION, ABUSE OF DIFFERENT FORMS,FEMALE VACCINE ( which a lot of women did not know about ), are now transferred here under the HER WORLD segment. Make sure you check it out as well and for my past outfit inspiration and everything shared over there that you missed if you are a new viewer. You have nothing to worry about, they are all moved here too. Thanks to @officialshona on instagram for helping with the design of the blog, if you are looking to start up a blog or revamp your old blog she is the right person for the job. do check her out guys.

When you see a khaki outfit either trouser, skirt or even a dress the first thing that comes to mind is NYSC uniform. When I got this dress by default the first way to style it that comes to my mind is with a white sneakers and white body top (typical NYSC uniform). Don’t know if it’s because white goes well with khaki or that’s what NYSC had made me believe.

Well at last minute, I didn’t want to look like a Nigerian corper I decided to switch the look, unfortunately still have white in it. During the shoot, I met some NYSC corpers and we just looked alike and my photographer Khalid @drkhalid on instagram said this can actually serve as my own NYSC uniform, suggesting I take it to camp since I will be going soon. yes! I’m the newest OTONDO! What do you think guys? Will I be digging my own grave by doing that? Because I heard those soldiers in camp are not smiling at all!!!

A lot of amazing stuffs are outline for you guys, to not miss any of that, make sure you subscribe because there are a lot of giveaway for our subscribers only. Talking about giveaway. In collaboration with BEESHA COLLECTION. will the giving out three veils from their Ramadam collection to three lucky sisters. To participate follow this step.

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Three winners will be selected randomly, winners will be announced on Day1 of Ramadan 2017 after Iftar. That’s it guys, our giveaway won’t be announced always, might just be in between any post so make sure you always come around. more exciting stuffs to  be won on the way. To show some love and support your girl, you can help repost my last post (on instagram) on any of your social media


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  1. Love the blog’s new look hun! Very well put and nice looking. Weldone dear!
    As for wearing that khaki to camp, go ahead o but if Soldiers beat you, don’t come to me o…hehehehe

    1. Thanks so much darling for the love and support,i really appreciate. lol i don’t want to die now so i wont take it to camp, maybe one of those CDS day, i might try it out.

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