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Two years already? What a WAWU!! how time flies. For this year blog anniversary I decided to tag it WHO BLOGGING HELP? To actually do a reality check if this thing called blogging I started 2years ago has really helped me. I got the inspiration from an advert on BBA2017, oh yes!! I’m a big fan of that show, a lot of people have their opinion about that show but well I learnt couple of things from it. They say we can actually get Sense from Nonsense so I did got some sense from the nonsense show as people call it. By the way I’m TEAMEFE, a loyal one based on logistics.

who blogging help


I can’t even start explaining how this journey has changed my life. Going through all the post from day one to now and I can’t but say this blogging thing has changed few things about me even though the monetary expect is still not encouraging “roll eyes dramatically” but religiously, I have grown. I know I’m not there yet but definitely not where I used to be before. From the days of leggings and a small top to the days of a little bit loose jeans and a shirt and now the days of wide leg pants and loose tops to cover up well. I have seen that I’ve been able to retrace myself back to what “Modesty” is all about while still striving to get better at what a modest fashion influencer should actually influence without going against the teaching of Islam. Because on that day I know i would answer what and what I influence people to do using my own space “BLOG”. (Not to sound holy but FACT).

Another thing is the friendship I have made through this journey, Hey Salma!! Hi Baraka!! The list go on! Friends like sisters. Or people who I have in one way or the other inspired to be a better version of themselves. The joy I get when I receive messages of appreciation and encouragement from people I don’t even know is overwhelming. Sometimes I still don’t believe it and make me think of what exactly am I doing to inspire this people, and then I need to do more and better. Days when I don’t feel like doing this anymore, I just scroll back to those messages and recharge myself. Well, it might look like what exactly is she doing that is inspiring them? Just to pose for pictures and post? Yes just a picture of a cute covered girl can make you want to start covering too.

So when next you are going to ask the question WHO BLOGGING HELP?  just remember me.

This sweatshirt was design by @halal_by_looplagos on instagram, the quality is fabulous. At first I was skeptical about it, will he make it the way I want? and i was giving thousands of  instructions like a compiler, I don’t want it tight, I don’t want it small, I don’t want the writings up  and all he said was don’t worry when you see it you will like it. Well I didn’t just like it, I LOVE IT. Just exactly how I want it.For your customize shirt, caps follow the right person  @halal_by_looplagos s on instagram to make your idea come real like this one.


Our giveaway winner is Salma,apparently she is the only on that follow the rule. Congratulation Salma!!! More giveaway coming soon!


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  1. Hey babaaaaayyyyyyy.. .looking like q million dollars in these photos.. Thanks for remaining a source of inspiration to me and a lotta others out there.

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