Salam Alaikum (May the peace of ALLAH be unto you all).  I am sorry I haven’t properly welcomed you all to this beautiful month of Ramadan. Been caught up with so many things and life itself, pardon my negligence .Ramadan Mubarak to all my lovely Muslim brothers and sisters out there, may we all benefit from all the goodies and blessings of this holy month.

How is Ramadan 2017 going for you guys? For me, it’s not going so well for me, I’m in camp right now cross river to be precise. Imagine how hectic and time consuming the whole camp activities can be. No enough time to maximize the benefit of this holy month by performing more act of ibadah. Finding it difficult to read the Quran because no much free time. I must say this is so hard for me but Alhamdulillah. I think being a muslim here is one form of jihad, its so difficult. No mosque to pray, even the hostel is not comfortable to pray not to talk about people looking at you like alien when you want to perform solat. But thanks to MCAN(muslim corpers association of Nigeria) and NYSC officials , we were given a class room to pray and a seperate tag to cegregate us from others for exemption on hard drills (sometimes the soldiers doesn’t really respect that tag). I think i need to do a blogpost about life of a muslimah corper in south south.

Back to the focus of today, Ramadan is a month where everyone wants to be at their best, physically and spiritually. So Salma of Dearsalma.com and i decided to put this look together for our working class sister having a little bit of difficulties on what to wear to work in this holy month.

If you are the type that is used to wearing suit pants to work, you can option for wide leg pant just like I did to keep you more covered and free to pray in. For those that are comfortable in just shirt and pant, throw in a big jacket to cover you more just like Salma did. Hope these tips are helpful  sisters.



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