Eid al-fitr is a religious holiday observed in all the nations of the world to mark the end of the 9th month of the lunar calendar ,the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, this month is marked with family gatherings, EATING (my favourite part of the celebration) shopping ,collecting money from elders and wearing beautiful and new clothes which I also love as well.

Growing up I looked forward to ramadan only because of the thought of eid but now am older and wiser,making me appreciate the ramadan more (may God answer all our prayer)

In the northern part of Nigeria where I come from some families sew 3 cloths for the 3 days celebration of eid al-fitr and 5 cloths for the 5 days for the big sallah but due to the economic challenges and unreliable tailors one may not even get a beautifully tailored cloth for eid which can be a big disappointed but not to worry leemlar got you covered with our several style inspirations for that special day so you can bear names like Slay mama…slay queen…slayonce etc with new cloths or those orphan cloths in your wardrobe that need purpose..which requires little or no cash to rock effortlessly.

My first eid inspiration is the signature IRO and Buba style that has been in the around for ages and this outfit   happens to be my FIRST EVER SEWN WRAPPER, this newly styled iro and buba has an added edge to it ,either sewn with flay or closely fitted sleeves it gives off an air of elegance and grace,the wrapper simplifies the look by flattering whatever body shape you have modestly and beautifully ,giving off a simple yet sophisticated look that can be rocked anywhere and everywhere. 


A personal space of Halima Mustapha Documenting an unapologetic journey of Self-Discovery through Faith, Fashion, Muslimah Lifestyle and just life’s simple joys. She shares all this in hope that someone some day will learn from it.

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