EID ul FITR 2017- What I Wore

Eid ul fitr Mubarak to my muslim brothers and sisters!!! May we be among those who will be opportune to witness the next one in good health.. How is the celebration going for you? Mine has been more of sleep. After the Eid prayer and the whole cooking stress couple with the rain didn’t know when I slept off, it was such a peaceful sleep. Who else notice it always Rain on Eid day in this part of the country. If you are still wondering what Eid ul fitr is all about, it’s the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan.

For my outfit, I initially didn’t want to get something new although I already planned my outing outfit if I was going to attend any turn up. For the prayers,what I had in mind was to throw on one of my Abaya since I recently got one which I only wore for a shoot (Girl on budget). Two days to Eid I decided to bring back the childhood memory where I get to wear something new for Eid and the joy it brings is always something you want to experience every time. At the same time I wanted to get a new content for the blog (Blogger Wahala).

It was two days to Eid and all I know I wanted was a simple outfit with a touch of Ankara. The thought of buying Ankara almost discourage me because my number one Ankara vendor @lavenderfabrics (on instagram) is in lagos and the time frame plus additional cost for delivery.  Then I remember I had an Asoebi Ankara I just got for my friend’s wedding coming up in August, so I decide to use one yard from it and use the remaining for the wedding which it was bought for. I hope my friend understand when she sees this post.

When you have loyal fashion designer as friend you have nothing to worry about, @beingdeborah (on instagram) deliver within the short period. That is how I got to wear something new for Eid ul fitr 2017.

How is yours going? lets get talking in the comment box. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t.



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