Just like the world turns round so are fashion items. You think you have that fashion piece that is not in vogue anymore? Give it time and it will be backing trending. Sometimes I wish I have a house to store my old stuffs so I won’t have to buy new ones when it start trending but then it is always good to give out old stuffs to give way for new items into the wardrobe.

I remember days when pleated dress/skirt were tagged as deeper life clothes, people felt it was for the non-socialize people, look where we are now pleated dress/skirt are the main thing now. So without further Ado here are three fashion trends I’m loving lately.

BELL SLEEVE — I don’t know who started this trend or how exactly this item suddenly became the real big deal. Bell sleeves took over instagram totally, there is no way you will scroll over your Timeline or the explore page without seeing a picture of either a bell sleeve top or gown. Many designer jumped on this trend and make it theirs by modify the sleeves to multiple bell sleeves which absolutely came out unique. YES!! I did jump on this trend to HERE and HERE

RUFFLES – This one is definitely here to stay, one of the popular fashion items this season. Back in the days we only see ruffles on shirts, tiny little ones around the neck and buttons areas (often seen on work attire). Sometimes the ruffles are bigger and wider which people find to be uncomfortable and difficult to breathe, maybe this was the reason why people stopped this trend. Now ruffles is back with full-force as its adding extra touch of elegance to other outfits such as skirts, gowns and even trousers. You all can see I’m not taking last on this one in this beautiful ruffle dress by no one but @beingdeborah (on instagram).

STONE/PEARLS— I am sure you all must have noticed some pearl fashion trends that are everywhere now, this is another fashion item a lot of designers are incorporating in their designs lately. Pearls go on everything. Pearl and stones were originally used as jewelries but now they are used as embellishment, purely amazing and give extra touch of glam to any outfit. You will even see pearls on shoes.


That’s it guys, what trend are you loving lately? Share with us in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t


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