Saving outfit picture off Instagram is one thing i know alot of people are guilty of, I’m sure the  pictures in screenshoot folder on some people’s phone is more than actual pictures taken with the phone in their camera folder. Most times we see a picture of nice outfit on Instagram, screen grab it and have our tailor sew  the exact style or sometimes a little bit difference. But lately I see a lot of designers calling it theft, saying people are stealing their style.                                                           I got talking with a friend of mine the other day and we both have different opinion on the issue but we both agree on the fact that some Instagram sellers are just too ridiculous with their prices which leads to people screen grabbing for their tailor which will cost much lesser although might not be as great as the original.


Personally I’m not a brand person, I grow up thrift shopping, I’m not all crazy for designer stuffs probably because I couldn’t afford them then but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. so when I see a brand on instagram with great design, I reach out to buy not because of their “brand” but because I really like the design or I just want to support them but when I hear the prices the “OKIRIKA GIRL” in me will just go 100. Like these stuffs are chiffon material we can buy for 300-350 naira and sew for 2000-3000 naira at most and I hear 16000 for a chiffon kimono? Hell no!! I get it. It’s your design, your creativity, your idea, your effort, but if you really want people like us to buy this, you need to be more reasonable with your price. I know some people can afford them with ease but if the price is on a high side like this , people like me will just end up screen grabbing the picture for our loyal tailor to sew. No offense, you may call it stealing.


After the chit chat with my babe, she made me understand that what they are actually selling is the “Brand” not the cloth itself. For her she is a brand person. She can actually go to Dubai to get original designer top than getting the exact type maybe not the original in Nigeria because she loves brands. Well, I get that and appreciate that but not all of us are made for that life. I love to work with Brands but brands that people can actually afford not just because LEEMA wore it but because it’s cheap and unique. Just like this brand that never disappoint me, @beingdeborah is that loyal tailor of mine. she made this beautiful Ankara jacket and my shoe is from @isyzee on instagram which i won during @Prettyface giveaway sometimes this year.

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  1. lolss…i agreed with the fact that their prices is so ridicule at some point. there is a friend of mine who really loves one of these Instagram fashion design that whenever she dm her on a particular dress the price she will giving is soo unbearable funny enough she went to the lady’s page and screenshot all the pictures and sewing it at very low price …i do screenshot at times but its not my fault because i cannot afford the dress and i have option to screenshot and sew …..but i will advised them to make their prices more friendly because most of these stuff will also charged delivery fee

    1. That is the problem with these sellers, i know alot of them and muslims for that matter. I guess they need a serious lecture on Ribah, at the end they only get instagram likes not real customers that will actually buy. I love what your friend did, life is to short to kill yourself over expensive clothes.if am her i will even tag her after wearing one of the clothes and say thanks for the style inspiration. Lol. Good to her you here Bilqis 😘

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