HAYATI FASHION WEEK 2017 :::…… What I wore

NJust like any fashion related event, LEEMA was looking forward to Hayati Fashion Week with so much anticipation. Time to dress up , pose for the camera and network.

Hayati Fashion Week  started with the VIP fundraiser event at Dunes to raise money for Medicaid on Day 1. Medicaid is a cancer foundation aim at enhancing the quality of life of people living with cancer and also creating cancer awareness. To donate for this great course or know more about it please visit medicaidcancerfoundation.org

The event was schedule for 6pm but started by 8pm with a welcome speech by the founder/CEO of Hayati Magazine Fatima Togbe talked about how she started the journey five years ago on her Instagram page and started publishing. You can grab a copy of Hayati Magazine at the Nigeria floor at Dunes Nigeria you can also check their site HERE 


Few designers showcased few pieces from their collections. To see the pictures of all designs showcased on Day 1 of HayatiFashionWeek2017 visit Baraka’s blog HERE.

My favourite look from Hayati Fashion week Day 1.

Here is what I wore for Day 1

Hayati fashion week Day 2 started with a business seminar followed by the retail pop up, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend due to unforseen circumstances (my village people were on parade) but I won the battle at last. Got to the venue around 8.30, thought we were late but God on our side the fashion show started late giving us (I, Salma and Meedah) time to take pictures with the maggi jollof bar since we weren’t lucky enough to have a taste of the jollof during the day.

After taking pictures we got our pass and head over to the main hall for the fashion show.The turn up and this day was super low. This is one problem of holding event in Abuja, (Allow we rant a little) Abuja people are the worst people when is comes to turning up for event, I don’t know why, but they are quick to complain about big events always happening in lagos.Bring one to them, they won’t still show up.

Anyways, with the little attendees the event kick-off with designers show casing all their designs. Looks on the runway from Hayati Fashion week Day 2.

For Hayiti Fashion week  day 3 we arrived early enough  to eat the jollof by maggi_nigeria  and took some amazing pictures.

The turn up for Day 3 was surprisingly Amazing, the event started few minutes past 8 and guest were still arriving at 10 pm. Pandora was there with 25 gifts for lucky winners. I didn’t win any but Salma of Dearsalmah was lucky enough to win one gift bag. The runway was graced with amazing designs, if you followed my Insta Story you would know I’m not lying about that. Quick check, If you are not following me on Instagram, quickly do so right away Here.

Took so many amazing pictures, wish I can share all with you but hey! Here are few pieces I love from Day3.

hayati fashion


Hayati fashion
And here is my look for Day 3, special shout-out to meedah for all the amazing pictures of me. She’s also a blogs please check out her blog HERE





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