LFDW Fashion Focus Talk Abuja: Three Take Home lessons

LFDW fashion Focus Talk Abuja was filled with prominent speakers, from George Okoro one of the best photographers in Nigeria to Zara Odu a brand developer and Omoyemi Akerele herself, Founder of Style House Files and Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week. After hearing them talk I was filled with so much energy and positivity that I couldn’t just wait to go out  and start getting things done correctly.

Normally I’m not the type that like attending talks or seminar, the idea of having someone in front of me talking always brings back the memory of boring school lecture days. I just don’t pay attention (I wonder how I graduated) and when I don’t have friends attending with me, like who do I gist with when it get boring? I guess the “Fashion” in front of the “Talk” motivated me to attend this one and I am glad I did.

Zara Odu’s speech gave me the direction I needed, she briefly talked about different fields in fashion industry that people don’t actually knows it exist before moving to the topic of the day “PASSION TO PROFIT”. She made me realized a hidden passion in me that I have been neglecting, and I can’t wait to start exploring that part God’s willing.

Because I promised to share what I learnt at the LFDW Fashion Focus Talk Abuja with you guys since I couldn’t share all on my Insta-story due to low battery. Decided to make this post a two in one post. LFDW Fashion Focus Talk Abuja and styled by hanifa clothing brand, I introduced one of their collection in my last post HERE. This outfit I’m wearing is also from them.


LFDW fashion Focus Talk AbujaLFDW fashion Focus Talk AbujaLFDW fashion Focus Talk Abuja

So here are three take home lessons from LFDW Fashion Focus Talk.

  • Education: This is very important in every expect of life. Apart from the formal education, you still need to educate yourself in what have you think you have passion for and you want it to turn to profit. Because you have passion for fashion designing and you think all you need to know is how to paddle the sewing machine and just cut clothes. There are more to learn in fashion designing then that, if you have the money enroll at a fashion school, intern with big designers just to gain the knowledge and experience.
  • Start small: There is nothing wrong in dreaming high, infact your dreams should fear you but start small and be accessible. There is no sense in selling your products too expensive as a start up business and end up using the product yourself. When people know you for your quality product and affordable  price, they will come to you and gradually you can take the price up. But first build your customer list.
  • Consistency/ growth: consistency is one problem of business growth. This minute you are up on people’s face next minute they can’t remember you or your product. Then you have to introduce your self all over again.You need to be consistent in what ever you do, let people know you for what you can give and that doesn’t mean you have to be boring (Doing same thing all over again).Try make each product better than the previous, try as much as possible to improve at different levels.

LFDW fashion Focus Talk Abuja

So that’s guys, hope you gain something from it. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.


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