GET TO KNOW ME. 20 Facts About Me.

Get to know me, 20 facts about me

I have been up on you people’s face for a while now, and alot of people think they know me based on my social media.

Breaking news!!!! If you think you know me based on my social media, then you know nothing about this girl because I only share what I want you to see.

So I’m going to get a little bit personal with you guys (well not entirely personal) Just what you need to know about this girl called LEEMA beside all the slay pictures of hers you see every time.

Here we go.

1. Full name: Halima Temitope Bolanle Abimbola Aduke Mustapha. (Typical Yoruba girl) my names are not even that much compare to others. When the entire family have to name a child, What would you expect?

2. I am Yoruba from Kwara state, Ilorin west. But I have only been to ilorin once( just to go get my state of origin certificate). Not my fault my DAD doesn’t  go home too.

3. Studied computer science from Federal University of Technology Minna. Got my diploma in computer networking from same school and I’m also a CCNA certified.

4. Graduated with CGPA of 4.0 (from a Nigeria University!!!!!). Allow me brag a little. I sabi book small. We don’t only slay fashion we slay education too.

5. I talk too fast. During presentation in school people could barely hear me but then I still represented my group in all presentations. I guess they love it when I talk fast.

6. I hate cat. Yea! I know they are adorable creature. I just find them scary and Yoruba movies didn’t help matters.

7. My favorite food is Eba and vegetable  (efo riro with seven lives to be precise). I’m sorry I’m not one of the shawarma girls. I love my eba reason why I can’t have a flat tummy. Who flat tummy help anyways?

8. I was born in Ogun state (Abeokuta) and attended my primary school there. I’m semi egba  girl. My mum is Egba and my Dad lives in Abeokuta presently so I’m always visiting.

9. I fart alot (alotttttttttt), this one I’m not proud to say but it’s inbuilt. If you know me and I haven’t farted in front of you before that means you are not my close friend. I’m sorry..

10. I am a very Razzz girl. Forgive me I’m not for the ajebo life. You see those agbero boys in oshodi? Sadly it seems we are related somehow ( this one is natural craze, #noalcoholNeeded). Because I shout alot when I talk and I don’t know why.

11. I laugh alot with mouth wide open every time. I just told you I’m razz, this shouldn’t surprise you.

12. I don’t get angry easily. This is the part of me I’m seriously working one because people tends to take me for granted, they just throw shit at me because they know I won’t get angry.

Get to know me

13. I don’t know how to communicate my feelings. I bottle things up, I’m  kind of a ME person, I don’t easily share my feelings with people. No wonder they all assume everything is always fine with LEEMA. Because even if they ask all I will say is NOTHING, I AM FINE.

14. One thing I love to do is DANCING. Just bring any Olamide song on and I’m up busting moves. Dear future husband, Do you want to see how crazy your wife can be on her wedding day? Invite Olamide to perform for us. That’s all!!!!!!!!!

15. I love eating hot food. like i have natural cooler in my mouth. No matter how hot the food is, give it to LEEMA she will finish it in few minute.

16. My love for thrift shopping is on another level. There is this joy that comes when my friends ask how much did you get that and i go 100naira. their face expression? Priceless (I’m the Queen of thrift shopping)

17. I don’t read books, i find it boring. But, I’m trying to work on that now.

18. I am Addicted to Instagram (This is no news I guess)

19. I love sleeping. This girl can sleep for Africa.

20. I am cheerful giver with a soft Heart reason why i can’t run a business.

Get to know me

I feel like going on and on about this girl but HEY, that is all for now. So guys, drop one random Fact about you in the comment section, lets get to know each other better. Outfit is by @stylebyhanifa on instagram , sure you still remember this brand. Introduced their work wear collection HERE and HERE

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  1. I love how you rock Ankara. It just makes you look unique. I love your style. Keep been you and don’t stop smiling because people are taking you for granted. ❤️❤️❤️

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