Life Lately – Eid al-Adha 2017 outfit

Stylishly jumping on this Life Lately post trend I have been seeing on a lot of blog lately. Although a lot of bloggers makes it a monthly thing, because my lazy self can’t keep up with that. Will try as much as possible to throw it in once, I have something interesting in my life to share with you guys.

Life Lately

love the fact that it makes one reflect on life and also gives room for audience to know what is really going on in one’s life. No one should believe in the picture perfect life.

So let’s get to this

Life Lately||Taking stock

Learning: How to read books often. I mentioned this in a post HERE.

Enjoying: living alone in this town, never knew I would actually enjoy this but I am loving    every bit of it.

Life Lately

Life Lately

Listening: FARGIN by Tenientertainment

Watching: uncontrollably fond (Korean series) was suggested to me by @suzzylina on Instagram and I love this movie.

Planning: Two of my favorite girls wedding and dad’s 60th birthday.

Wearing: A long hijab because a girl is cold and she leaves under a rock.

Crushing: @samuraihijabi, totally love her style

Stalking: Vivvy Yosuf on instagram This sister is everything.

Grateful: For life and Allah’s mercy.

Wishing: I can travel to Dubai for just a week vacation.

Hoping: I have enough money before September 17 to travel to Abeokuta for my Dad’s 60th birthday.

Life Lately
Life Lately

EID al-ahda Outfit

That’s My Life Lately


Love to be creative when it comes to dressing up, and layering is one thing I do so much. I am known for it, my friends do say I can’t go out if I’m not wearing like four clothes at once. it’s a culture guys!!! I was lucky to receive some dose of happiness from Omotolanie.

Omotolanie is someone I met through Instagram but we have been able to keep a cordial relationship over the years, a sweetheart to the heart. She just started her Pallazo line few months ago and trust me she has been able to share some dose of happiness to everyone that patronize her. Do check her out on Instagram HERE and you might be lucky to win a pallazo in her on going giveaway.

This Pallazo I wore for Eid in this post was from her and I didn’t want to do the normal styling with a body top, I decided to pair it with a shirt and a kimono. The kimono is actually I veil I got in my souvenir from a wedding I attended but since it was long enough to make a kimono I decided to make a kimono with it.


Life Lately
Life Lately
Life Lately



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