Sleeveless Gown : Three ways to style it for different occasion 

Buying a sleeveless gown is most times always a NO! NO! For Muslimah, you start to think of how to style it, do you have a body top to pair with it at home(body top saving life since 19**)?then you end up saying “No let me just get something else”.

When you haven’t completely comprehend how to solve the sleeveless problem, the proposed gown is also not to long (three quarter gown) and you love it so much and you want to just have it so bad. I guess alot of people can relate to this.

Good news is that body top is not the only solution to a sleeveless gown. There are couple of ways you can style it. So today, I will be sharing three different ways you can style your sleeveless and not too long gown for different occasions.

Sleeveless Gown : Three ways to style them.

  1. Style your three quarter gown with a palazzo pant underneath for people like us that have totally ditched the tight jean for pallazo. Wear a body top to cover the hand area like I did. This is just a casual look, something pretty simple for your everyday look.

Sleeveless Gown

2. Try a shirt and a full circle skirt beneath the gown, this will give a more glamorous look. I was going to take a picture but this girl is lazy and decided to just go with the picture of look one and explain the rest.

Let me know if you want me to still do this look in the comment section and I will In sha Allah

3. This third look will be perfect for the working class sisters, throw in a jacket to cover your sleeve and a pant under to cover the legs, you can option for either a pant trouser, leggings or even a tight jean if you where them.

When next you see that sleeveless dress, just go for it. So which of the looks would you be trying soon? Let me know in the comments box.

Sleeveless Gown
Sleeveless Gown

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