10 Insecurities Challange.

I was tag to do the 10 Insecurities Challenge on Instagram by a fellow blogger INDIANA  blogs HERE  and I’ve had this picture sitting in my draft with no inspiration of a content. Decided  to use this opportunity to create one to go with the pictures for the blog.


My Insecurities

Firstly, I’m not the type that let things I can’t change get to me , I’m  such a hard person that dust things off easily. So it was a bit difficult for me to actually think of things about me that I’m really insecure of. 



So sorry for misleading you from my blog tittle, I couldn’t think of 10 insecurities but I have a few to share with you guys.

One is my ass (covers face) it’s so flat that I don’t try to make it obvious by wearing something tight. Who knows Sola sobowale from the wedding party movie ?? Yea! I’m her doppleganger.

I didn’t like the shape of my face growing up. It was to flat and square compare to all the fine princesses during secondary school inter house sport with the cute oval shape faces.

Insecurities can be work on!

Since I know how to do this thing called makeup, I don’t go out without it but lately I am  beginning to see the beauty in my natural face that I can even post picture of it on social media now.

Something i won’t even dare do before.



You guys should thank God I’m a Muslim and I wear scarf. Trust me you wouldn’t want to see the real shape of my head. It’s in square sharp.

Who ever molded it during bath when I was a child didn’t do a great job ( with my Ass, face and Head).

Growing up, my classmates do make fun of it.That’s all my insecurities I can think of.

The thing is everybody are perfectly and beautifully made. Although you might not like few things about your body or something but don’t let it bring you down or feel less of yourself.

There isn’t a person among us who doesn’t have insecurities, some are just better at dealing with them, or perhaps hiding them like I do. I just find a way around to feel comfortable with them.

Don’t let people make you believe in their own definition of Beauty. Love yourself like it’s a religion, embrace non comparison of yourself to others.



So guys, share few of your insecurities with me in the comment section. Now you know I have a flat ass which you won’t ever see by the way.

And  for those that have seen it and decided to make it a point of reference in any ass related issue Weldon!!! Clap for yourself  (Hi Meedah).

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  1. Ahahahahaha, flat ass, really! Comman show me now…Truth is we are all beautiful in our own unique way, imperfection and all. And so are you my dear friend. And it’s such a great thing how you can laugh about it now…

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