Style Crush Of The Week: GANIYA SALAMI

I started this segment tagged Style Crush of the week sometimes ago on the blog during my undergraduate days and stopped along the way. Thanks to Salma of DEARSALMAH for inspiring me to start again

And It’s been like ages since I updated that segment because back in school, I see stylish people everyday and it was easy for me to take pictures of them and share on the blog.

After school i found it uncool to just stop random people on the street and ask to take their outfit picture.


Typical Nigerian lady would think I was going to use the picture for something “Spiritual”

Well, you all know Instagram is a thing for me and it won’t be nice if I deny the fact that I see a lot of stylish sister on my feed daily  whom i draw inspiration from.

So weekly I would be sharing with you each one of them.

From my celebrity style crush and why I love their style to random people on the gram that I genuinely love their style and draw inspiration from.

Style Crush of week.

For this week, we have Ganiya Salami @samurahijabi on IG, her style is everything!! I don’t know how she pop up on my explore page on that very day.

Confession — I go through her feed daily.


If you can remember I mentioned I was crushing on her in my life lately post HERE, if you missed that post please do check it out.

Not to just share her picture alone with you guys, i had a little chat with her to know her better.

I don’t waste time in sliding into people’s Dm to tell how amazing they are if i like what they do, the least anyone can do is ignore me.

But she was kind enough to get a little bit personal with me and gave me permission to share on the blog.

Our style crush of the week is from Nigeria, apart from posing for picture and giving us dose of inspiration,she enjoy traveling and relaxing.
When asked what  inspire her style and what is that one fashion item she can’t leave home without? her replies
                                    My style is inspired by abstracts, florals and colors.
                                    A jacket/blazer
Just as she is a source of inspiration to many she also have fashion icon such as Victoria Beckham and Hana Tajima whom she looks up to.

She has been blogging for 1 year and 2 months, check out her Blog HERE  

So guys, you can follow her on instagram for daily work wear inspiration and check out her blog as well.

if you like this post kindly share and follow the blog if you haven’t.


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