Style Crush of the week: Yakubu Sheila sharing Tips on thrift shopping.

My style crush for this week Yakubu Sheila is the true definition of Urban Chic, her style is elegant, stylish, classy with an urban twist and she is also the Queen of Thrift shopping.

Thrift shopping

Chic fashion is all about being stylish without being a slave for fashion. You don’t have to wear the latest to look stylish.

Sheila knows what looks good on her and flaunt it perfectly without trying to hard. A timeless sense of fashion.

What I love most about her is that she get most of her clothing through thrift shopping and she is not ashame to tell the world.

Let’s talk about being real.

Thrift shopping I used to think I’m the QUEEN of Thrift shopping, I officially hand over the crown to her. Every outfit of hers is a hit back to back.

Yakubu Shiella is from Ghana studying Geomatic Engineering in Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology,KNUST

Here is what she have to say about her shopping habit.

Tips on Thrift shopping

One of things I love doing most is shopping, I just love the scent of new things and the feeling of having new things.

Most of my friends think I am a shopperholic if that is even a word.

 Honestly even though I love shopping most of my stuff are thrift. I am a little selfish when it comes to outfits, I don’t like to see other people wearing exactly the same thing I’m wearing.

That’s one of the reasons why I ought in for Thrift outfits because they are unique.

Thrift shopping

Not really into brands or labels and honestly I don’t even know some of the brand names but I can find all kinda brands stuff ,like Zara, Nike, Asos, Gucci, Forever 21 and a whole lot of other brands when Thrift shopping.

I can shop any day ,anytime ,anywhere!

But on Saturdays I actually plan before I go into the market because the market is usually crowded and very busy.

 Some people find Thrift shopping very hectic, time wasting and valueless.

Thrift shopping

Tips on Thrift shopping

Thrift shopping Tips

Here are some tips on how I go about my thrift shopping:

1.To avoid buying a lot of things which I don’t really need I make a list and try to buy what is on the list first before I start buying those not on the list.

2. Before I leave for the market I leave behind my valuables especially my phone and I take the amount of money I need so that I don’t end up exceeding my budget if I should take all my money with me.

Thrift shopping

3. I dress as simple as possible. Trousers and a shirt for easy movement and I scarf my head so that when I’m bending to pick up something my veil will not be falling off or be a distraction.

4.Thrift stuffs we all know are used items (second hand) so you must have a very keen eye before you can buy them else you would end up buying chaff or things you can’t even use again.

 I am very critical and observant and i don’t rush to pay up for the item without taking a closer look at it.

5. Some people think thrift items have no value in them and are less expensive.

But hey I buy them because they are less expensive and yet can be worn to look expensive ,classic and chic.

I believe it’s not about the expensive stuff but how you are able to curate your pieces and pair them together .

   ” Pricey don’t always mean stylish”.

Thrift shopping

Hope you follow these tips when next you go thrift shopping and don’t forget to connect with her on Instagram @_under_cover and visit her blog

What is your take on thrift shopping? Let’s get talking in the comment section.


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