Thirty things to do before I turn Thirty.

While reading one of my favorite blog the other day, I saw this post of Thirty things to do before I turn thirty. It got me thinking and I decided to list mine.

Thirty things

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Turning 30 is a major milestone, it means that you are no longer in the hard partying, bad decision making stage of life.

If you are in your 20s, then it’s probably the first time you are truly on your own and it’s finally up to you to start figuring things out for yourself.

I know age is just a number and there is no way to win at life. 20s are a great time to start achieving your goals. At twenty something myself I feel there are so many things I should do before i turn thirty so let me start with making a list of Thirty things.

Thirty things

It looks like mission impossible for me since I only have few years before I turn thirty. But I know nothing is impossible to do when God say Yes to it. Thirty things are just even to small for my God to do.

Thirty things

Thirty things to do before Thirty

1.Get married. Don’t know why this is first on my list. Izzzzzzznor like I’m desperate or something. *flip hijab

2. Start my masters program in Cyber Security. who want to sponsor a Girl child?

3. Become An hafiz.( Hafiz is someone who have completely memorized the hold Quran by heart) This is like my ultimate goal in life!

4.  Hajj with my husband (Ya Allah bless me with this one)

5. Have children. 1 or 2 if God grant my request let me just have twins (two girls). I LOVE TWINS!

6. Learn how to drive MY car. See the “MY” there? Yes will only learn to drive with my own car.

7. Buy a house. Nobody has time to build one when the money is there. Haha!

8. Help orphans, support one or two with basic human needs.

9. Board a plane. Yes! I haven’t seen the inside of an aircraft before. Come and beat me.

10. Travel to Dubai. Just want to visit where my skin originated from. My skin is not from Nigeria! (argue with yourself.)

Thirty things

Thirty things………

11. Visit Obudu ranch. Have always wanted to visit this place but my account balance always refuse. I had the opportunity to visit when I was posted for NYSC there but got discouraged by the distance from my NYSC camp.

12. Go on a girls trip with my friends (All married by then God’s willing)

13. Start my own business.

14. Secure a job with a big IT firm. I didn’t spend 7 years(2years diploma, 5years full degree) in school to stare at my certificate.

15. Inspire More people to cover up. Which is what this blog was created for.

16. Do something really special for my Dad. Since I lost my Mum he is all I have left. I need  Paapi to be proud of his baby girl.

17. Be at the front cover of a magazine. Modest fashion magazine by the way.

18. Interview on TV.

19. Go on a boat ride.

20. Learn a new tribe. Hopefully I get to speak Hausa fluently before I clock Thirty. It’s totally a shame after spending more than half of my life in the north and still can’t speak Hausa language.

Thirty things

21. Create something. Something that have my name to it. When people talk about it they should say LEEMA created it. Haha! I don’t know what yet, but something!

23. Face my fear. I’m so scared of height. Will love to overcome that fear soon.

24. Volunteer for a good cause.

25. Partake in building a mosque.

Thirty things

26. Start working out and stop eating Eba at night. my stomach is already looking like one with three month pregnancy.

27. Get better at swimming! I bet you all don’t think i can swim right?

28. Learn how to bake for my children sake.

29. Get better at photography and photo editing.

30. Learn how to sew even if I’m going to make my own clothes only.

That is it guys! hopefully i get to cross most of them off my list if not all on my 30th birthday.


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  1. Oh Leemah, I hope we travel together In sha Allah and I also pray to be an Hafiz, go to hajj real soon too. I love twins too, may we achieve all we seek to. I’m definitely jumping on this trend. It can always be updates when you do things and cross them off. Great post b❤

  2. Amen Amen Amen….Allah will grant all this by his Grace.. insha Allah….yaaaay i love the no 1 list biko….cant wait to be featured on the blog maybe that will be an oppurtunity as ur brides
    I can help on ur list u know….like hausa speaking side, tour with friends etc…because i can now speak 3 languages……
    Baking, etc…..

    1. My friend, my friend!!!!! My love, leema No1 maid of honour. Don’t worry very soon baby girl just start saving your asoebi money. We stayed together for How many years you didn’t teach me Hausa? It’s now you want to teach me? I’m sure you are so in for #leemagirlstrip2018 let’s get married baby!!!!!!!

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