My Top Three Celebrity Style Crush.

This week I will be skipping the regular style crush series to share with you my top three Celebrity Style Crush and why I love them.

Celebrity Style Crush

Before I go ahead with my Celebrity Style Crush list, let me quickly say that everyone on this list are not Nigerian and it’s not like I don’t have Nigerian Celebrity Style Crush or something but I have dedicated STYLE CRUSH segment for that in which I will be sharing each one of them weekly.

Dedicating this list to my Non Nigerian Celebrity Style Crush that in one way or the other inspire me.

Everyone on this list are all married with kids, this is one thing they all have in common and more reason why I love them.

How amazing is it that they are married with kid and still go head with their daily blogging activities and maintain a normal family life.Well I don’t know how good they are at the family life but based on what they put on social media it seems like they have it all together.

I have been following them for years on Instagram and I can say these people are just consistent in their game and it’s just amazing how they have supporting husband that let them do their thing. Nigerian men need to take some lessons from these dudes. #noOffence

Was talking to someone the other day about men aboard supporting their blogger wives in taking pictures and sometimes make video together on YouTube.

Her reply was that it’s becuase they know they will get money out of it so why won’t they support them. Lol. That’s was funny. Could that be the Nigerian mentality or these men are just being supportive?

Because I know an average Nigerian man who have a 9 to 5 job and still run some side hustle during the weekend won’t want to watse his precious time taking pictures.

Well, Future Husband get in here, we are going to have crazy schedules, Oh Yes!! but in between them you will take my pictures. Better start planning from now. *flip hijab

So let get to the list.

My Celebrity Style Crush.

1. VIVY YUSOF:Celebrity Style Crush

Vivvvvvyy just have to be first on my list, she is a 29 years blogger from Malaysia. She started blogging 10 years ago (guys!!! at 19!!!).

Vivy also is the Chief Creative Officer at FashionValet, a fashion e-commerce company founded by herself and her husband in 2010 when they were 23 years old.

Now a multi-million dollar company with 150 employees and carrying 500 fashion brands. She is also One of Malaysia’s top bloggers with 250K hits monthly on her blog Proudduck.

She is married with two kids, Daniel and Mariam. Yes I know their names because we are family. *wide grin

Celebrity Style Crush

What I love most about this lady is her sarcasm way of life, her captions are always hilarious. Throwing shades at her husband every now and then.

Peep her captions and hashtag.

She didn’t get to where she is by doing nothing, it involve hard work and consistency.

Knowing exactly what you want and going all in for it!

someone that know what she wanted at an early age and stick to it. having someone who really understood that and support her through it is something.  This couple started and build their empire together. GOAL!!!!!!


Celebrity Style Crush

Ascia is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer. She began her blogging career in 2012 and at 2014, along with her husband Ahmad, they started their youtube channel “The Hybrids”.

Celebrity Style Crush

Asia is the  founder of the Kuwaiti grown and family run fashion brand Desert Baby. With over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Mother of two boys! What I love most about her style is how she can throw  anything on and still look stylish. She was one of the blogger that inspired me to start wearing wide pants and loose clothes. She made it look totally chic!!!!

Celebrity Style Crush

Made me love the skirt and sneakers combo. Just look at her!

How better can it get for a blogger to have a stylish husband too. Totally goals right???

Future Husband,  I can’t wait for that day you will style my whole outfit and I will walk round the town with a bill board on my head with *OUTFIT STYLED BY MY HUSBAND! HE IS AWESOME* written on it. yes! I’m that crazy.

Celebrity Style Crush…


Oh Dina!!! Dina with the fire!!  A uk stylist, designer, Youtuber and fashion blogger. She is 28 years old  half English  and half Egyptian , grew up in between London and cardiff.

Dina is with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 500 thousand subscriber on YouTube.

have couple of her YouTube videos on different easy No sew ways to make outfit saved on my system.

What I love about her style is the the street vibes. You know your girl is all about the street life.

Celebrity Style Crush

The goofing couple! I Just love this two! I see them like the gangster love, the oyinbo version of street love!

When a blogger is married to a graphic artist. LIFE MADE EASY! who saw the video they made for last Eid outfit inspiration? It was all gangster and chic! The rap song he made for her also!!!! Guys!!!! They make me want to get married ASAP.

Celebrity Style Crush…..

It’s allowed to have one or two people you look up to but you don’t have to be like them.

They are not perfect.Nobody is! There are somethings these people on my list do that I can’t do and won’t do.

can’t even wear some outfit of theirs, I can’t go out without wrapping my veil around my neck but few of them wear turbans.

I can’t even say because that’s their style then I will now copy them completely.

Don’t just follow your style crush blindly!

Pick the good from the bad always!

So guys who is your all time style crush? ME *wink*? Share with me, I love to find new people on the gram.

And what is your take on Nigerian men and their blogger wives. Share with me in the comment section.


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  1. My Top three crushes would have to be Summer Albarcha(@summeralbarcha on Instagram), Soha Mohammad Tala(@sohamt) and Sebina Hussain (@sebinaah).
    They all have their different styles but they really really make me love them. Soha and her edgy-smoking looks, Summer and her perfect outfit layering skills and SEBINA and her awesomeness!!
    They are all inspiring and like you said, you don’t just follow your crushes blindly
    So I just pick the ‘good’ from my own perspective.

    Did I forget to mention Sebina and her husband are the ult couple goals😍😍??

    1. Hey khairat, I think I know @sohamt and @sebinaah, totally agree with you they have great styles. I have couple of @sohamt pictures saved on my phone. Really? Is sebinaah married? Never knew, although I’m not following her I only see her on my explore page. Let me quickly go and check her out. I think I haven’t seen @summeralbarcha’s page too.will check her out also. Thanks for sharing with me your top three style crush.

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