Why Modest Fashion Designer should start looking beyond Abaya and Kimono

Every Muslimah dreams or goal is to have one or two Abaya and Kimono in their life time but are they truly the only modest clothing ?

Don’t get me wrong Abaya and Kimono are the true definition of modesty. Cover you up completely with no shape revealing. I love both of them completely.

Abaya and Kimono

Sometimes last month, @Officialhaddie (on Instagram) posted something on her Insta Story about the coming Lagos fashion week on how modest brand should  come out and  create something for modest fashion Influencer.

Alot of modest fashion influencer would be attending and it will be great if they wear one of those brands by representing and promoting them to the world.

We all know how big lagos fashion week is, putting  modest fashion out there  is the ultimate goal. Which I later reposted the picture on my Insta Story to get the word out there.

Later that day I got a call from Meedah of meedahsoulfood.com asking about the said picture. After talking for a while about modest fashion brands in Nigeria.

Abaya and Kimono

Abaya and Kimono

Got to the conclusion that I don’t think any modest fashion brand can design something unique and extraordinary for the lagos fashion week. Correct me if I’m wrong! i know we have some amazing Modest fashion Designers.

What most modest fashion brand focus on are Abayas and Kimonos. So I imagine walking into Lagos fashion week in another Abaya.

Modest brands should start thinking outside the box, let’s get creative. What else can you design apart from Abaya and Kimono that will still represent Modesty?

Are they the only modest fashion piece?

Abaya and Kimono

Abaya and Kimono

Why designers should start looking beyond Abaya and Kimono.

Modest fashion is fast growing, Abaya, kimono, turbans are what you see on everyone lately even the non Muslims. We all know fashion piece are always recycling , there will come a time when this pieces will not be trending anymore. Will modest fashion still have a stand by then?

Modest Fashion Designers need to start designing pieces for everyday woman, what muslimahs can wear any day apart from Abaya and Kimonos and still represent modesty. Not only Eid inspired outfit or Jummah outfit. Modest fashion is growing and we still need to keep pushing is out there.

A lot of brands out there are trying to incorporate modest pieces into collections  such as this brand I’m wearing in today’s post. The Outlet by Style trailer. There have couple of beautiful Abaya and different piece which can be styled modestly just like this shirt from them that I wore in this post HERE.

Also shared my Discount Code in that post for anybody that want to purchase anything from them. in case you missed it and you are too lazy to click that link Here is my discount code LEEMA17, make sure you  use it.
Abaya and Kimono

Abaya and Kimono

Abaya and Kimono

What is your take on Modest fashion Designer in Nigeria? do you think they are there yet? lets get talking in the comment section.


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  1. When it comes to modest fashion, none of the traditional clothes can be compared with Islamic clothes. As a woman being modest is the part of the guidelines laid down by Islam. Rather Islamic dresses are prepared modestly, I believe that is the reason author wants the designers to look for modesty in Abaya and Kimono.

  2. well said sis. Now i have a question, how do one merge modesty in a corporate environment. This is a major challenge for striving muslimahs in the corporate world.

    1. Hey sis!!! This is a very challenging one for most Muslimah but it can still work. For your corporate wears make sure you buy them in extra sizes. Don’t always buy skirts of your exact size that will be too tight and reveal your shape try to buy the ones that are a bit free and if you are using veil make sure it covers the front part well. Maybe I should write a post about this. Thanks for the idea🤗🤗

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