Life Lately: What I have been up to while Away.

Haloo guys! Let’s pretend I haven’t been away for a while now and skip the part where I have to apologise and give you lame excuses of how sorry I am for going Missing in Action, Since I have been away for a while it’s proper to let you know what I have been up to, reason why I’m making a come back with a Life Lately post.

Life Lately

Life Lately

Apart from the fact that I had no motivation/ inspiration to create a content for the blog, I was also overwhelmed with wedding plans for two of the closest people in my life. I mention this in a post HERE.

The wedding is a month away and your girl has fully activated her wedding planner mood, from fabric shopping for the bride’s and their girls, to sourcing affordable makeup artist, decorators, photographers and all.

Not too mention the stress of managing two WhatsApp group of people with different opinions.I must say managing a group of people is the hardest thing ever.With the whole stress of decided on which fabric to go for and persuading the girls to pay on time.

So that’s my Life Lately.

Aside wedding plan stress, I have been having so much fun too. Had a great time at Chloe’s cup cake Heaven with Salma , UmmeetaBeebee and Zahra.

Life Lately

I get to taste this amazing wafflewish for the first time and I must say it taste so nice you need to have a taste of it. It’s my Favourite from the store.

Because of the love we have for you guys we collaborate to give 2 lucky winners a box of cupcake and the almighty wafflewish. You can check my Instagram page HERE for the giveaway details.

While I was away I also did some learning too.I mentioned in my thirty things to do before thirty HERE about getting better with photography and photo editing. GOD Bless Annie idibia for giving me the opportunity to learn from big photographers in the game through her Annie Idibia care foundation Abuja outreach.

Life Lately

Luckily for me I didn’t just get to learn photography alone, also learn how to make burger, smooties, fruits tree and cocktails.

It’s the month of November and my Favourite activity for the month is on going. The Omotolaniee’s November Happiness Challenge is on! Everyone deserve Happiness and omotolaniee is good at sharing dose of them, so head over to her blog HERE and  check out the activities  from Day1.

So guys that’s my Life Lately . Hopefully I am back fully to creating more content for the blog #prayforLeema. Who missed the STYLE CRUSH segment.

What have you been up to guys? Tell me what I’ve missed.


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