Six Essentials For a Perfect Picnic

I had an awesome Perfect Picnic Monday with some amazing friends of mine, who goes on picnicking on a Monday right? When you are your own boss you can decide your weekend start on Monday and have the whole fun of your life for the rest of the week.

Let me remind you, I’m still serving my father land. I sneaked out from work on this day after a stressful weekend. Don’t tell my boss, whisper into your ears “this is a top secret!”.

The picnic was so much fun, you won’t believe we just decided on things within few minutes and everything went out successful. So I think we are professionals at setting up a Perfect Picnic so because I have you guys at heart I would be sharing Six essentials for a Perfect Picnic to guide you on setting up your desire Picnic.

Halima Mustapha Perfect Picnic        6 Essentials for a Perfect Picnic

1.Location: Whether you are planning an extravagant picnic for a big group of friends or looking for some alone quite time with your spouse. You must have an ideal spot in mind.

A public park, a hill top accessible with easy hiking or even your backyard. All you  need is clean grasses, trees, just a place that will make you enjoy the fresh air and appreciate nature.

There are always public parks with super green grasses and flowers, just that most times they are always crowded. But I’m sure you can get a perfect Corner with less people.

Perfect Picnic with friends

2.Picnic Blanket/Mat: This is super important, because you wouldn’t want to lay on the grasses directly. There might the things on the grass in which your body might react to. So you can easily throw your blanket on the ground to lay on.

You might want to go with more than one blanket because it’s always cold under trees so you can have the extra one cover you when it’s cold.


3.Finger Foods: finger foods are easy to pack and the best for picnic. you can easily grab them at a store of make some your self. Samosa, sandwiches, puff puff, potato chips, meat pie, biscuits, cakes and so much more.  Fruits, drinks, wine shouldn’t be left behind as well.

Perfect PicnicEssentials for a Perfect Picnic…

4.Games & Music:  you have few hours to hang out leisurely. Bring along some games such as scrabble, ball, chess board or even the old-fashioned pack of playing cards to keep you and your friends entertained throughout the afternoon. Music is the icing on the cake when it comes to creating the ambiance of a Perfect Picnic , have your phone connected to a portable speaker while you listen to your favorite playlist.

5.Picnic Basket: A large fancy picnic basket to transport all your necessary goodies for the picnic. Also to pose with while  you take pictures, they always look nice in pictures.

6.Hats and Sunnies: it’s always  so fancy to throw on some hat and sunny for a picnic while shading the sun.

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