My Hijab Story: How I started Covering Up.

First post of 2018 is me taking you through My Hijab Story, How I miraculously switched from a Wig girl to a veiled girl.

Last week your girl clocked 27, yes TWENTY-SEVEN. I’m not your mate start learning how to put Aunty before you say Leema (justkidding).

If you care to know, it was the most boring birthday ever. Was at work all through and didn’t even get to eat common birthday cake.

My close Friends knows I’m  always so passionate about birthdays, no matter how broke I am I always plan ahead for my birthdays.This year I decided I’m not going to celebrate to save money, 2018 is the year we going to save more was the goal. No unnecessary spending.

But low key I was expecting one of them to surprise me because they know how i take birthdays to heart and they actually didn’t believe when I said I wasn’t going to celebrate this year. But then Life happens!

On my birthday my  amazing friend VIVIAN she blogs Here decided to share some embarrassing photos of me as her own way of celebrating me and to remind me of how much I have grown.

Because the day was boring enough for me I decided to have a little fun on my Whats App by sharing those pictures but another Friend of mine SALMAH she blogs Here choose to use the opportunity to embarrass me further by sharing the said photos on Instagram and ThebloggersAdvocate group on WhatsApp

By the way who is a blogger and is not on The Bloggers Advocate WhatsApp support group? Here is a link to join  Thank me later.

Back to the matter, the shared pictures give birth to this blog post (Just look at God) couple of people want me to share my story on how I switched from this to this.

So let’s dive in…..

My Hijab Story

Little story about my background. I’m from a polygamous family, the only daughter of my mother to my father. My mother was a Christian, they separated when I was a year old so I was told and I  had to stay with maternal grand Mother.

Grand Mother was a practicing Muslim, she made sure I attended Islamia, go to mosque for prayers. Can’t remember if she enforce covering of hair but I know i do go to mosque and that’s where I learnt how to pray and what to say during prayers. I was with her all through my primary school before I moved to Abuja to stay with my Dad.

Because Daddy was always busy and then he had no wife in Abuja to take care of us, I was enrolled in a boarding school with my elder sister. Somehow being a Muslim was so difficult in GSS Kwali because we must be up by 4 am to fetch water for the Mosque and you know how important and sweet that morning sleep is.

For Christians is was easy, they get to sleep walk to prayer ground and get a perfect corner to continue their sleep while the good ones pray. A lot of Muslims student in school pretended to be Christians. Because they don’t get whooped by seniors if they don’t attend services.

The Muslim community was small and it was easy for seniors to know who didn’t attend the morning prayers or didn’t partake in cleaning the Mosque.

During the holidays, we do stay with my Dad’s friend, he was a Muslim too but he didn’t force us to pray or cover the our hair. Somehow I stop praying and even forget God exist.

My Hijab Story

Dad later got married, so we were always together with my step mother during the holidays, she was a Muslim who doesn’t practice so there was no way she could enforce anything on us.

My elder sister left along the line, it was just me living my life the way I want it. Daddy is not always around which gives me room to go anywhere I want or do as I like because all my step mum would do is shout and keep quite.

I was young and free living the life as I was wanted, sneaking out at night for parties. Shout out to Lola. She was my accomplice,LOLA is my very close friend we attended the same school and during holidays we kept exploring the the city of Abuja in our own little kingdom Dutse.

Then I do take alcohol, fix nails …………..

Who else thinks the story is getting to long and  should continue in another post?

See you guys in the next post on My Hijab Story

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  1. So mean! I was enjoying it too much for it to end so soon. Like, it was as if I was there all the way. Leemah, you’d make a beautiful story writer o…

    Oya, continue already na.

    P.S: That outfit is da bomb! Yellow suits you and happy birthday again dear. More blessings.

    1. thanks baby, i think i will start wearing more of yellow. a lot of people like me in this outfit. what is a story without a little bit of suspense? wait for it baby!

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