Blogger Friends Appreciation Post

Hey guys!! Today I’m taking out time to appreciate some amazing Blogger Friends in my life, I don’t get to thank you guys enough. This whole blogging things is quite tiring and crazy and to have friends who understand the struggle and take time out to support  you every now and then is Gold.

I don’t get to show my emotions often, but I truly and deeply appreciate you all for your constant support and love not just to my Blogger Friends to everyone that keeps visiting the blog even though they don’t drop comments. I see the stats going up!

Also to those who always hit the like button on my Instagram page even when they don’t like the pictures and also take out time to drop those comments. I see all the love and I appreciate you all.

Blogger friends Appreciation postTo my Amazing Blogger Friends


Blogger Friends Appreciation PostMy amazing dear friend BARAKA, I appreciate you for all the caring and taking the time out of your busy live to check in on me and make sure I was doing ok and still alive. The way you understand me, someone would  think we have know each other for years. You have been so supportive and the greatest cheerleader in my life.



I’m so lucky to have you in my life SALMA you have been noting but an inspiration since I met you. You make me see the better version of myself always.My Blog has taken a drastic change since I met this BEAU , blog pictures are  now popping. Thanks to my very own personal photographer.

You are one of the best part of my 2017, can’t emphasis how much impact you have added to my life since we met. I truly and sincerely appreciate our sisterhood.


Blogger Friends Appreciation PostBeing a good friend does not mean that you have to see each other everyday, you don’t even have to speak everyday. That’s the case with my baby girl MEEDAH and whenever we  do speak its endless voice notes to each other.

Thank you for making me have a good laugh always, Thank you for the opportunity to always push each other to do better.

Blogger Friends…

DEBS of debswriteblog:

Blogger Friends Appreciation Post

Debby is a sweetheart to the heart, I met her during Mani Abuja outreach to national hospital sometimes last year and we immediately connected on so many level. When you meet someone as carefree as you are. She is quick to answer all my blog related issue, thank you for always.

The one that is quick to publicize my new blog post immediately she get the mail notification and never seize to drop a comment every time.


Blogger Friends Appreciation Post
I haven’t met this sweet soul physically but she has been nothing but a support system, let’s talk about sister supporting sister. Thank you for taking out of your time to share my blog post on your page.

She just started blogging lately but she does it so well like she was born with it, great content every now and then, her words are like pain killer. When ever you are feeling down or need motivation to start something the place to get that word that will hit the right place is

Thank you for sticking with me through out this journey, Yes YOU!

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  1. Leemah, you have no idea how amazing you are as well. I still don’t understand how I clicked easily with you. You are everything and more- a friend and a wonderful sister.

    I hope we eventually get to do this our collaboration this year 😅😅

    Thanks so much darling.

  2. Leemah… Thank you sooooooo much! #LADYPOWER.
    Your support and love literally means a lot. And I honestly can’t wait for us to meet.

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