My Hijab Story Continuation

Finally I have decided to drop the much anticipated continuation of My Hijab Story. I was only trying to practice my script writing skills with the whole suspense and it seems you all are not having any of it.

My Hijab StoryIf you haven’t read the first post on My Hijab Story, check it out HERE so you will understand the full gist.

Firstly let me quickly apologize for the low quality pictures. I have been so busy with my Best Friend’s wedding preparation that i don’t have time for a proper shoot. I just wanted this post out as soon as possible before you guys gun me down.

So Lets get to it…..

Alcohol was a normal drink for me, different hangout with friends. The thought of going to university never crossed my mind. I was lost in my own world.

Whenever daddy was in town It’s always one endless family meeting to another. As usual countless complain from my step mum which makes me the subject of discussion at every meeting.

To them I was the black sheep in the family. My elder sister never fails to give me sex education she thought I needed because  I was not always at home they all assume there was a boy somewhere I’m always visiting.

I remember one day she came visiting, went for a stroll then suddenly stop under a tree and it goes “Halima you know too much of sex everyday is not good for a girl” couldn’t imagine all the lies my step Mum has cooked for them.

After my SSCE, during one of my Dad’s visit he took me to Minna for  my Uncle’s house warming. Probably he felt change of environment would made me change my way.

Meeting my cousins for the first time actually change my perspective about life, started thinking of what university to enroll in. I didn’t write jamb that year but Remedial form  was still on in FUT MINNA so my dad made sure I got the form and that was how I moved to Minna.

For my Remedial I was staying at my Uncle’s. They are Muslims too, but no practice was forced on anyone so i still wasn’t praying. There was a mosque in the compound but mostly used by the men in the house.

During one of the early days of registration I met one of my secondary school mate Bilikisu. It was surprising to see her covering her hair because back in school she was a Christian, a very active one to say.

LEEMA & BILIKISU (The one getting married in few days.)

After classes I would go to her house, we would gist but whenever it’s time for prayers she never hesitate to cut down the gist for prayers. I loved that about her.

You know somehow they say the accompany you keep matters in influencing your life.somehow I felt uncomfortable seeing her pray and I’m there waiting for her to finish so we could continue our gist.That’s how I found myself praying and she never forced me to, I made the decision myself.

My Hijab StoryMay Allah SWT grant my Grand Mother al jannah firdaus, that’s how I started praying and still remember how to pray after years of not praying. Truly good religious upbringing for a child is very important in life. What ever they are thought as a child sticks.

If she hadn’t made sure I knew all that as a child Probably I won’t even try to pray then because I wouldn’t know how to pray  and might be to shy to ask someone to teach me. Alhamdulillah!

That’s how I became a better Muslim then I was just weeks back before I arrived Minna. Finished remedial and still wasn’t admitted fully for degree. Not to go back to Abuja I got a diploma form with my friend BILIKISU( I have been through it all with this one).

Was praying constantly and was always on head wrap, we did diploma for two years and waited for result for another year. In the year of waiting I enrolled my first in an Islamic school. Since I still remember the basic it was easy for me to catch up and I finished the whole Qur’an within two years and did my Quranic graduation.

It wasn’t easy because during the two years I got fully admitted into the school. I would shuffle from lectures to Islamia. If anyone knows Minna very well, I was staying in bosso and would go to Gidan Kwanu everyday for lectures and rush back before 4pm for my Islamia.

Guess what I became the overall best graduating student that year in a class of 101 students. I was the big mama with little children in class. May ALLAH SWT bless the Ustaz at Mawis Islamic Foundation. They never treating me differently, if I was late to class I get punished with the rest.

My Ustaz once seize my phone for two days for ringing in class I had to met the head of Islamia before it was returned to me.

My Dad was the happiest man on my Quranic Graduation I could see it in his eyes. Because I felt I was to big for the whole thing and  didn’t want any celebration so I didn’t tell anyone even my Uncle in Minna didn’t know I only told my dad.

He took me by surprise when I saw him that day because he didn’t tell me he was coming when I asked why he had to stress himself all the way from Abeokuta.

He said I have given him what no child has given him, that I’ve lead a good example for my junior ones that he couldn’t miss this day for anything. That is the happiest day of his life as a father. Of course and the day I would get marry too. ( which he can’t call me lately without talking about bringing husband).

I was glad I made him happy, few years back my family thought I was the black sheep.

After my Quranic graduation things change, there were something I couldn’t stand anymore. Leaving my neck open was one of them. I always felt naked, so I started using veil.

My unnecessary dancing in the compound reduce to me dancing alone in my room. Things begin to change for good. I started seeing life in a different shape.

My actions started reflecting on what a  good Muslim should do.

At early stage of My hijab journey I would wear skinny Jean and small top but still wrap veils around my neck my family people started calling me “Aleha” ( All hail the Yoruba people). They would say “Igbawo ni halima Gbesin”, somebody interpret for people who doesn’t understand Yoruba please.

They never thought Halima would be a better person, they all thought worse of Halima. Alhamdulillah!

My Hijab Story…………

My Hijab StoryGradually skinny clothes became unbearable for me, I couldn’t stand the look anymore, I became more conscious of what I wear. Slowly I started getting better at being modest.

One day this Halima you know will become better Halima and you still won’t believe how it happens when you start seeing me in full Hijab.

Looking back now at those photos from when I first started wearing hijab. I would never wear some of the things I had thought were modest at the time. Maybe in 10 years I will look back at myself now and think the same thing.

As you wear hijab, you will naturally grow and realize what you feel comfortable wearing and what you don’t. However, I ask you to remind yourself of where you started.

Don’t look at girls who are wearing skinny jeans and a headscarf with judgmental eyes. Where they are in their hijab journey is between them and God, and their efforts to please Him are substantial.

I hope you find my Story inspiring.

When did you start Covering up?

Did you grow up in a proper Muslim up?

if no, what was your family reaction when you started covering up? my comment box is open, share your story with us.


A personal space of Halima Mustapha Documenting an unapologetic journey of Self-Discovery through Faith, Fashion, Muslimah Lifestyle and just life’s simple joys. She shares all this in hope that someone some day will learn from it.

  1. Masha Allah, thank you so much for sharing your story. May Allah make it easier and only take us when he is pleased with us. Thanks sis! 😍

  2. Halima, I am inspired! I always tell parents most times that continue to pray for your child, don’t force them into accepting any religion. You’d be amazed as to how they’d turn out the day they accept.

    See you now. I am so proud of you and I am extremely inspired by this story. May God continue to bless you.

  3. Ya Rabbi, You are such a strong wonam for sharing this journey with the world. May Allah grant you the Highest level of Jannah without hisabah Ameen. You have truly inspired Wallahi and I am sure I am not the only one that got inspired by this story. I pray Allah continues to make your journey easy for you and take you to the height you want to get soon Ameen. “One thing for sure that everyone should carry from this post is , don’t judge anyone. Because you never know their connection with Allah. Jazakhillah kairan halima ❤️

  4. Wow…. This is more than inspiring. After reading the first part, I thought the continuation would be about how someone advised you but…… no I was wrong. Self motivation is the key to your success sis. Barakallah fihq

    1. SELF MOTIVATION is sure very important. you don’t have to do things because people told you to, you need to first understand why you need to. May Allah make the journey easy for us all

  5. Hmm….. this is inspiring. I love the part you said “Don’t look at girls who are wearing skinny jeans and a headscarf with judgmental eyes.” The length of hijab is not a measure of faith. May Almighty Allaah reward the hijabis (especially in this hot weather, ko easy mehn) and make it easy for those whk are willing to usethe hijab. Kudos babe!!!

  6. a very inspiring story and of course a good example for striving muslimah… you’re motivating me big time sis!

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