LIFE LATELY UPDATE +Tips on wedding planning.

It has been a very stressful months for me guys, from Wedding Planning to attending weddings and I haven’t put much effort on the blog.

As much as it was quite exhausting for me I’m glad I did it and I’m happy the best two girls in my life trusted me enough to plan their big day.

I don’t know if it’s because of the fashion blogger thing, for all outfit and color choosing they both relay and agree on my opinion.

You know when you are fashion blogger and there is a problem of what to wear, they instantly throw it to you and take whatever decision you make. The only time my friends acknowledge and respect the fact that I’m a fashion blogger *side eyes

First was my cousin’s wedding in December, I had to travel to Lagos twice to get fabrics. My first travel to Lagos was to get fabrics for her and the family then I had to go again for the Asoebi girls.

It was such a stressfull trip but I am such the stress will all worth it when we finally have our  girls Trip to london and with the current cheap flights to London that would not be impossible.  Can’t wait!!!!!

Fabric shopping was the hardest because I had to take several fabric pictures and send down for her to choose. I don’t know if the network is always bad over there or it just decided to punish me for what ever reason.

Nikka outfitWedding Planning Nigerian Weddingorange and emerald green combinationWedding Planning

For my Friend’s wedding I wanted to reduce the stress so I contacted a fabric vendor on Instagram @lavenderfabrics I’ve  gotten Ankara fabrics from her so many times so i felt it would be great to patronize her by taking the stress of my neck.

Well I still had to travel to Lagos for the lace because online vendors were freaking expensive. It was during Omotolanie wedding so it was the perfect timing. Using one stone to kill two birds.

If you are following me on Instagram you must have already seen my pictures from Omotolanie wedding in Ibadan. I had a great time in Ibadan. i get to try a boat ride for the first time.

Tips on Wedding Planning

I’m not saying I’m a professional at this thing, but from my experience from the two weddings  and others I think I know one or two things that would help you achieve your dream wedding.

Get a planner: See I know it might be expensive and people don’t want to waste money or sometimes they don’t see the necessity. Guys!!!! A planner will safe you all the stress on your big day.

Even if you don’t get to hire one from the beginning of the planning. You need on one your big day. The one to go around to see if everything is in place.

All you have to do is sit down on that day and not get worried about who has eaten or not. Even if you can’t afford a planner get a friend or someone in the family that can handle it for you.

It’s very important, it makes the event go smoothly when you already have plans on ground and someone is there making sure things goes according to the plan.

Tips on Wedding Planning……

Start planning early: Dear sister Immediately the Brother ask the question start planning. Start buying what you need, if it’s money for the shoe you have first buy it and hide somewhere.

Don’t always assume that your parent will give you money for everything or bobo will do.

Get your things first and when they eventually give you the money it can be use for something else or you might just save it for the training days.

Never Have Your Bridal shower at home: Guys! this is very important especially if you are Yoruba.

The aim of a bridal shower is having a quality girls time with your friends. Where you get to reminisce about old days and share advice to help on the new journey you are embarking on.

It’s not a family reunion, having a bridal shower at home means  everybody including  kids in the house are invited. The aim of the bridal shower would not be achieved.

Tips on Wedding Planing

Ask for Help: As much as you would love to get things done yourself. You really need to ask for help. Don’t do it alone, don’t over stress yourself for a day event. Don’t go from 60kg to 40kg because of stress and end up looking like dry bone on your big day.

If you are blessed with people around you, tell them what you want them to do. I must say they might not do it exactly how you want it but there is always room for amendment/correction.

Don’t over stress yourself!

That’s my two cents on wedding planning.

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So a lot of people have been saying they can’t wait for my wedding, Do you think I’m going to have an elaborated wedding or just parlor Nikka?


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  1. Girl! You know I always tell you that you can be the best at anything you decide. Maybe take up Wedding planning and add to your resume too? Lol. The weddings were quite colourful and it’d obvious you had a lot of fun. Welcome babe ,❤

    1. Babe!!!! Spending so much money for just a day event it’s what makes me sick of the whole wedding party thing. But then we have to do what we have to do! Thanks babe😘

  2. Why do I have a feeling you will not go for an elaborate party? But then, you really need to add this. I remember when you said you were going straight into the market from Ibadan, I was shocked.

    You are really good at this and you should take it on.

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