Three Ways I Styled this Bubu Top from Dream Wears fashion World

Hey guys!!! Today I will be showing you guys three ways I styled this lovely Bubu top from Dream Wears fashion world.


Before i go ahead to show you guys how i styled this Bubu top from @dreamwearsfashionworld ( On Instagram) can we just take a minute to talk about how Amazing the CEO of this brand is.

So here is the gist, on my birthday a lot of people were giving me shout-out on Instagram saying all the sweetest things about me.

The CEO of this brand also wished me a belated birthday and mention how she love my free spirit, Although we are not that close but she appreciate my being and promised me a birthday gift.That it’s not something big so I shouldn’t put much expectation on it.

If you guy can remember I mentioned how boring my birthday was in a post HERE

Two weeks later my birthday gift was ready, we talked about delivery and she kept saying please manage because it’s something small.

She was all disturbed about it, she kept saying it’s something small please and I was like Sister even if it’s an handkerchief it’s the act that matters to me.

Guys! Can you take a look at what she kept saying is small, Can you just peep the details. Everybody that saw it wanted to take it from me but I just couldn’t let it go because this is special to me.

BubuSome people are just selfless and Kindhearted in this life.

To all the people I called my friend that didn’t give me birthday gift, I’m watching you all in 3D. Your birthday is just days away too.(flip hijab)

Enough of my story! Let me show you how I styled this piece in three different ways.

Bubu Top, Three ways to style it

The first way I styled the Bubu top was with a white skirt for an influencer meet up At Svchrome hotel in jabi Abuja. It was a great evening with food and drinks.

The hotel is so beautiful, the ambiance was so cool and the staff were so friendly. This is not a paid promotion but just my honest review about this hotel.

Talk about brand that pay attention to details, their rooms are so aesthetic,the art work were so beautiful and placed at the right place. They also have rooms for special people.

I have been to couple of event where brands invite influencer to introduce their brand and not give them proper attention. Chef Taylor was so friendly to us and the food was Amazing.

Though I was so carried away taking pictures and having to much drinks and didn’t get to taste the rice but people who had it mentioned how sweet it was.

svchrome hotelThe Chapman was my best for the night, guess what! they have free cocktail for ladies every Thursday night so you should follow them up on Instagram right away @svchrome  and visit them at 101A Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja.

Also restyle this Bubu with a palazzo to work. Yes i love it that much!

This piece is so versatile because it is so easy to layer with other clothes. It’s a little bit longer than a normal Top so also covers any little bottom worries.

It can save you time when getting ready in the morning, it can inspire you to try out different looks and it can work throughout the seasons.

Bubu Top, the third way i styled

Also can be paired with a skirt like i did here.

So tell me looking through all the pictures which of the look do you prefer and can you guess which is my favorite ?


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  1. Leeeeeemah!!! Queen of layers. This is so beautiful. My mind has immediately wandered off to see if I have any bubu top and how I’d love to style it.

    I especially love the details on this top, makes it all unique and different.

    I think I love look two with the palazzo more and I think that’s your fav as well.

  2. I’m so inlove woth the second look. The palazzo has a way of making you look effortlessly chic. The third look is a no for me but the first is something I could also try.. well done baby.

  3. I almost double tapped on the picture with the palazo 😂. That’s my favourite, palazo is my go to outfit and you paired it so well and the colour coordination are so good. You look beautiful as well. OK, that’s enough cos I could go on and on.

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