HOW DO I STAY CONSISTENT? How to keep a good thing going.

Hey guys!!! Been a minute right? I know! It’s so difficult to be consistent lately, I tried to put out content as much as I can but then I just go blank on ideas and crawl back to my shell.


How have you all been? I’m sure a lot of people would have been refreshing my page and thinks this girl ran away because she promised to give out a pair of Pallazo pant.

Not true guys!!! I’ve just been going through a personal battle, trying to evaluate the purpose of all this and if I’m doing it right.

Being Consistent is one thing we bloggers can struggle with the most especially when we’re trying to improve.

The one thing that I find really helpful when this happens to me is to reconsider my goal entirely. I ask myself, what if I just stopped torturing myself and gave in to all this resistance.

What if I call it quits, abandon everything, and allow my life stay exactly the way it is now? will it makes me Happy? I don’t think so.

 how to stay ConsistentBut then if I need the break, I take It! Allowing myself to miss once in awhile without beating up on myself.

 how to stay ConsistentHow I stay Consistent

I’ve learned to be addicted to and love the process, which is the ultimate long term strategy you need to recognize if you want to be consistent with anything over the long term.

If you’re just pushing yourself and forcing yourself you’re going to just burn out. You’re just going to get burned out because you’re forcing yourself to do something that you don’t really want to do.

You’re not loving and enjoying the process, you’re not yet addicted to it.

If you can find a way to love the process … Love the process, not the result, the process, then that’s really all you need to be consistent.


Frankly, nobody feels motivated all the time, there are times even I don’t feel like it at all. But I suck it up and do it anyway. I struggle with it A LOT.

If you find that you get distracted easily or aren’t getting the results that you want, you aren’t alone. It happens to everyone.

 how to stay Consistent

 how to stay Consistent

Another thing is by stop making excuses. I’m tired, I feel lazy, this is not working….. the list goes on and on. Excuses are easy to make and justify.

By avoiding making excuses and just do what you have to do is what to do. Getting things done is not easy, so all I do is push yourself and get out of my comfort zone.

And again start slow then gradually advance, People often start a routine at a pace they can’t keep up with long term. Start slowly, then gradually increase the intensity.

 how to stay Consistent

That’s it on staying Consistent.

There is going to be a little change on the blog soon but be rest assured it all for the good.

Thank you to everyone that participated on the giveaway in my last post HERE, the winner of the giveaway is VIVIAN. Congratulations VIVIAN, you won a Palazzo Pant by Omotolaniee.

The blog would be turning 3 soon and there will be a massive giveaway for our subscribers only! So if you haven’t subscribe to the blog make sure you do so you don’t miss out.



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  1. Wow Leemarh. I really needed this. Being consistent can sometimes be overwhelming. However what makes it all worthwhile is when you are passionate about your engagements.

    Btw; You look really amazing.

  2. Leemah be looking like a million bucks. Love your abaya. Everyone get weary most time darling, and it’s okay to take a break for peace sake. It’s your blog and it won’t run away.

    And, congratulations Vivian.

  3. Oh my God……………am so so happy right now……….dancing alanta since i saw this…….we have missed your post dear and i can understand all about being consistence, cos am also a blogger though you are my inspiration so pls try and be consistent because someone is following your footstep. ……….lol……..thank you so much am so happy i won the palazo…..cant wait to try it on. Love u loads

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