How I Launched My Clothing Brand with Just Ten Thousand Naira

Launching a standard Clothing Brand involves alot of things, from fabrics sourcing/ designing , photoshoot, models, branding, advertisement and much more. Let me take you through how I achieved all of this with ten thousand naira.

Clothing Brand

In my last post HERE I mentioned I started my brand last year, in today’s  post I will be taking  you all through how it started. So get your popcorn and enjoy the read.

Didn’t believe it would be achieveable too but with ALLAH SWT is was a complete success.

Just like every youth corper( well maybe not all) the plans for after service is to bag that job which would earn you 80- 100 thousand naira at least for a start.

Well that’s all I’ve dreamt of too, if I don’t get a new job I would be retained in my place of deployment was the two options I left myself with.

When Allah SWT had better plans for me I had limited myself to the four corners of a little office room.

Fast forward to after POP(Passing Out Parade ), the door of the office was still opened to me. I would dress up every morning like I use to during service to work.

Would help with the little I can in the office and get tips when ever there is something to be shared in the office. No basic Salary!

Clothing Brand

Starting my Clothing Brand

I was still enjoying the office with the hope that one day I will get the appointment letter until the HR department suddenly instruct the security personnel not to let the Ex-Copers into the building again to give space for the incoming ones.

Your girl wasn’t bothered , Ramadan was around the corner. It’s a good thing I don’t have to stress myself with work.

Would have more time to perform my act of worship was the consolation I gave myself.

Meanwhile I’ve subscribe to all the job site mailing list I know, been sending CV for every opened post , hoping one day I would get that interview invite.

Then one day a friend of mine mentioned, Why can’t you start your own Clothing Brand, you have the fashion sense , you are an influencer yourself, you can promote this thing yourself.

Me? Run a Clothing Brand, No! I can’t run a business successfully, I would end up giving everything out on debt.

The last time I ran a business was in school and it was with the help of my friend that I got the money Invested.

Everyone I know owns a Clothing brand.
How will I get customers?
Won’t it look like I am taking away thier customers?

Clothing Brand

Starting my Clothing Brand

Running a business is not what I want, I want to work for a big telecommunication company that’s my dream job.

Every part of me was just against the idea of running a business I don’t know why. Well, now I know why.

See, that little voice in your mind trying to convince you not to go for something great is the devil. Beat that devil and just go for that thing!

The only thing inbetween you and your goals is YOU! Just go for it! No matter what that negative voice inside you is telling you.

After much persuasion and encouragement from my friend , I begin to give it a second thought.

Well I can start this while I wait for the big job, I’ve seen people who run a business successfully and still have a government job.

Ok Leema! You can do this!

Starting my Clothing Brand

First thing fisrt! I had to talk to my Creator. I prayed to Allah SWT, I told HIM I want this brand to be very affordable, so alot of people like me can afford it and at the same time I want to have a standard brand with great product and packaging.

Five pieces for a start but then I need a logo for the brand, I need branded shopping bags, after the pieces are made I need to have a shoot too and since I decided not to put myself to the brand at first, I needed models too.

And all I have left with me is just ten thousand naira that was given to me by my boss the last day I was leaving the office.

Well I did save during service but unfortunately money was stuck somewhere. You know all those savings you do with people and you end up not receiving yours? That was my situation.

Can we continue in the next post, seems you all are already getting tired of this long story *wink*

See you  in my next post In sha Allah.

But before I go let me drop this with you.

And whosoever fears Allah , Allah will create for him a way out. And will provide for him where he didn’t expect 

(Quran 65: 2-3)


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